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It’s time to make your customer experience global.

But the technical challenges of launching and maintaining your ecommerce sites are a roadblock. Or maybe you are thin on internal resources to manage your brand sites in multiple languages.

GlobalLink Connect for Salesforce Commerce Cloud makes the process of creating new revenue in global markets simple. Here is how our LINK Certified Cartridge helps you move into new markets quickly and cost-effectively:


Years Working Together
Joint Clients
Words and Counting




Eliminate Copy / Paste Process

Streamline Project Quoting

Never Pay for Same Translation Twice

Workflow Integration

Reduce I.T. Involvement


Scheduled or On-Demand Translation Initiation via the Salesforce Commerce Cloud UI

No need to learn a new platform; if you already know Salesforce Commerce Cloud you are good to go.

One Click Export and Import of Catalog Content

Say goodbye to the Copy / Paste process.


Automated Change Detection for Catalog Updates

Keep Your Global Sites in Sync with no internal project management required.

Automatic handling of custom Salesforce Commerce Cloud attributes

Your content, your way – with no extra steps required.


In-Context Preview of Translated Copy

See how translation will impact your Customer Experience and branding BEFORE it goes live.

Vendor Neutral Platform

Work with any combination of internal or external translation resources for maximum flexibility.


Analyses op verzoek

Get a view of translation spend and other KPI’s to know how you are performing in global markets.




Since 2010, we have been the preferred partner for Salesforce Commerce Cloud clients for both technology and translation services (formerly Demandware). And with a full range of omnichannel solutions like SEO, Customer Support, Brand Consulting, Social Media and more, no provider offers more expertise to help you hit your your global growth targets.


Contact us at for more info on how we can help you get into global markets faster and at a lower cost, all while maintaining your brand voice.

Not ready for an integration? No worries. Check out OneLink for hands off approach to localization used by over 1.000 clients (and counting).